Croc Meets Crocs


Let’s start the new year off right, by looking at an amazingly stupid crime from - you guessed it- Florida. A 23 year-old man was charged with burglary (not of a crocodile sadly, I checked) and criminal mischief after going on a rampage throughout the St. Augustine's Alligator Farm Zoological Park, reportedly beginning his path of destruction at the snack bar and proceeded to knock down the street lamps along the way to the “Oasis of the Nile” exhibit. He jumped into the enclosure and was thus bitten. I don’t know what he expected. He later crawled out and up to a ledge, which was clear from the trail of blood the next morning. At 6 AM the next day a concerned neighbor phoned 911 to report a man crawling up the lawn… only in his underwear…. who was covered in blood. Good Morning. In the aftermath of the criminal mischief a $3,000 statue was knocked down, a near naked man had a terrible bite in his foot, and a pair of Crocs lay floating in the crocodile pond.