Three Thanksgiving Crimes to Create General Unease at Your Thanksgiving Table


It’s that time of the year. Terrible traffic, cool winds, invasive questions from relatives. What could be better to whet an appetite then three stories about petty crime from Thanksgivings past? As we all know gathering family in one room can be dangerous and while most of us have wanted to jump across the table and stab a sibling with a fork (we here at LPN are huge fans of restraint and you should be too) here is a woman who actually did just that. Last year Shenika Allsup stabbed her younger half-brother in Maryland over what police deemed an “escalated spat”. Her brother was quickly transported the hospital and treated for non-lethal wounds and has since made a full recovery. So perhaps, the next time you see your family, think twice over that small argument, before either of you end up with a fork in your neck. On the same topic of disputes, our next crime takes place over a particularly heated game of Trivial Pursuit in 2013 (hey, we’ve all been there). Two people were supposedly fighting over an answer and one of them pulled what seemed to be a hatchet on the other. For an added twist, when police arrived it turned out the “hatchet” was instead drug paraphernalia. Minus the threat with a hatchet, sounds like a pretty fun Thanksgiving. Finally we have my personal favorite story out of the bunch. This gem comes from 2008 North Carolina where a carjacker was hit with a frozen turkey in an attempt to stop him from taking a car. The carjacker unfortunately made off with the car, but due to the head wound was later recognized by the police as the perpetrator. As they say revenge is a dish best served cold. So for this Thanksgiving, instead of arguing, let’s come together and shame others who have committed petty crimes over turkey. Have a Happy Thanksgiving from everyone here at Last Podcast Network, and don’t stab your siblings with a fork!


Fork Assault

Trivial Pursuit

Frozen Turkey Carjacker